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The European Youth Parliament (EYP) 🇪🇺 is a politically unbound non-profit organisation, which encourages European youth to actively engage in citizenship and cultural understanding 👐


If you want to become an official member of EYP Ukraine in 2023, you have several options:

1. Fill in application form. Take into account that in order to become an official member.
2. Pass the interview with the member of Administrative Matters and Human Resources department.
3. If your application form and interview is successful, you will need to sign the affirmation and pay membership fee.
*If you do not have EYP experience yet, follow the calls to our events on the website, Facebook and Instagram Participate in one of the events and apply for official membership.
For any additional questions, contact Administrative Matters and Human Resources department via

EYP Ukraine has two official languages – Ukrainian and English. However, the working languages of EYP on the international level are English. Knowing it will give you an advantage, however French is not obligatory.

The EYP stands for European Youth Parliament, a pan-European educational platform for debate, intercultural encounters, educational work and the exchange of ideas among young people in Europe.

EYP-Ukraine stands for International Youth Non-Governmental Organisation “European Youth Parliament – Ukraine”, a National Committee of EYP in Ukraine. Both have nothing to do with religious movements or political parties.

In the case you want to apply for Ukranian session (National Selection, Regional Session) you can submit an online-application. You can find it on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

If you choose a regional session or other regional EYP event abroad, fill in the application form and submit it to the Board Member on International Coordination of EYP-Ukraine (at who is responsible for Ukrainian delegations. 

No, it is not. Choosing the session to go to is your right.


Taking part in the session as a delegate, you need to cover your travel costs and participation fee. Usually the participation fee doesn’t exceed 50 euros (for sessions abroad) and it covers accommodation, food, transportation costs during the session and evening program, but now, for most sessions, it was agreed to cancel the participation fee for Ukrainians. Participation fee at the sessions held in Ukraine does not exceed 200 UAH.

On the 24th of February 2022, the world was shocked by the news of Russia’s all-out attack on Ukraine. This war, which is still waging on, has led to the loss of lives, restriction of freedom, and displacement of millions of people, many having to flee the country. Despite the most challenging circumstances imaginable, members of our network from Ukraine and the activities of our national organisation in Ukraine persisted. This year begins with the “Rebuild Ukraine Lab”, taking place from 20-22 January in Lviv and Warsaw simultaneously, focusing on the challenges of climate neutrality and sustainable energy transition in the process of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.

Many of the members of EYP Ukraine stayed in the country and continued their efforts in educating young people in the field of active citizenship. In 2022, they successfully organised two digital events in April and July, gathering more than 100 young people from Ukraine and wider Europe.

A support Fund for Young People from Ukraine was established in conjunction with a crowdfunding campaign that allows anyone to contribute to the fund, ensuring even more young Ukrainians can participate in EYP activities across Europe, even after the end of the project. You can find the campaign here.

At the end of October, EYP Ukraine also organised the first major event since the start of the war – the 6th Training Camp. Around 50 participants gathered in Lviv from all over Ukraine and received peer training on topics of team leadership, organising, and media work, as well as active citizenship in Ukraine. The event further showed the strong spirit and resilience that Ukrainians, young and old, have demonstrated in these past horrific months.

“The camp was my first experience with the EYP that sparked me to join this inspiring community of young world changers.” – Anna, participant of the 6th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine

All activities of the Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces project are supported by the German Federal Foreign Office in the frame of the Civil Society Cooperation Programme. You can read more on the Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces project on our website.



All in all more than 100 events are organised every year. Each of 36 National Committees conducts at least one National Selection Session and one Regional Session per year. In addition 2 International Sessions are usually held during the year.

All you need is to keep and eye out for opportunities abroad arranged by International Coordination department, apply and be selected, you will be guided by IC dep during your entire journey

It depends on the type of the session. National Session (or National Selection Conference) lasts for 5 days. Regional Session lasts 3 days. International Sessions last for 10 days.

The major differences are in duration, number of participants and the procedure of their selection. International session is supported and organised along with EYP International Office while International Forum is the initiative of a National Committee. In general, International Forum is much alike with the National Session, only longer and may have more participants. 

Yes, it is. Now you can become a delegate through selection at the RSC and NSC conferences or by submitting an individual application.

First of all you have to become a member of EYP-Ukraine, then attend National Selection Session as a delegate and in case you are selected, go to the International Session as EYP-Ukraine representative.

For pupils and students

New status. You become an official representative of one of the most respected international youth NGO in Ukraine. You have an opportunity to present EYP UA in your university/school, your city or even region (after an interview with Board Member);
Recognition abroad. You can travel to International Sessions/ Forums and when you are selected we’ll provide you an official letters of support to the embassies (in order to facilitate your visa process)
Creation of a new EYP-UA history. You have a unique opportunity to vote and be voted for in the Board Elections and (with your personal number)
Access to new information.. Stay turned and get interesting information via EYP-UA members mailing group (“Calls” – opportunities about EYP-events abroad, “Opportunity newsletter” – monthly research about non-EYP projects that you can participate in). You will be receiving updates and news regarding EYP–Ukraine and EYP as a whole.
Personal development. Join one of EYP-UA departments, get responsible tasks and grow professionally.
Unique opportunities. Discounts for different courses and trainings.
How to become an official member of EYP Ukraine?

The European Youth Parliament is possibly the most unique non-formal educational project your students can experience. The academic, political, social and emotional implications are guaranteed to enhance their education and personal maturation to a very gratifying extent. They benefit, your school benefits, their family, their peers, their teachers…
Your role as a teacher

Teachers play a vital role in supporting their students before, during and after EYP Sessions. During a national selection process in your country, your students will participate in a nation-wide competition to participate in the International Sessions of the EYP. Besides organisational matters, this can include topic organisation and preparation as well as coaching on public speaking, voice projection and personal presence.

EYP Sessions both on the national and international level also include a tailored programme for teachers. This usually includes thematic workshops, networking between teachers and a sightseeing programme.

During sessions, students communicate exclusively in the official languages of the EYP and therefore get an opportunity to put their language skills into practice both in academic discussions and social situations. The same applies to political knowledge and debating skills, which are both fostered within EYP. For all these reasons, many teachers value EYP as a unique opportunity for learning and self-development for young students.

Opportunity to attend trainings held by EYPers;
Attend official events of EYP Ukraine;
Chance to go abroad for the International Sessions to accompany a delegation

In order to join us, please write a letter to Board Member on Regional Development ( including the name of your school, your position and your contact information.


Annual support

$ 5 Annually
  • Work in progress updates
  • Early access
  • Work with National committee


Your Future Starts Here.

If you dream of developing your leadership and communication skills, deepening your understanding of politics, civic processes and international relations, then joining the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Ukraine is exactly what you need!
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