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EYP-Ukraine has successfully operated in Ukraine since 2000. It encourages youths to take part in one of the largest platforms for debates, intercultural meetings, educational work and exchange of ideas among young Europeans.

As an organization the “European Youth Parliament Ukraine” (EYP-Ukraine) was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 18, 2002 and became a full-fledged participant in the development of civil society.


The International Session of the European Youth Parliament takes place twice a year . Each international session is coordinated and supervised directly by the EYP International Office in Berlin (regardless of the city of the session). Usually, the session gathers about 300 participants from 35 European countries. For ten days, delegates work in international committees to develop solutions to political, economic, social and cultural issues on the agenda of the relevant committees of the European Parliament. The result of the work in the committees is a resolution that is adopted by the entire group during the discussion. Those resolutions that receive the approval of the General Assembly are submitted to the European Parliament as initiatives of European youth.

International forums are a national alternative to the International Sessions. They do not require direct coordination and supervision by the IO but they are aimed at an international audience and delegates. Whereas all other types of events are part of the traditional annual program of each National Committee, the International Forum is an additional national initiative, usually gathering 70-200 participants.

The national selection session takes place once a year. The National Session is organised by the National Committee of the YES in order to select the best participants for the Ukrainian delegation that will represent Ukraine at the International Sessions. National sessions usually gather 100-130 participants from all over the country and last from 4 to 6 days. A special feature of this selection is the presence of a specially selected jury team. In addition to the selection for the international sessions, the selection for the sessions of other national committees is carried out at the request of the respective committees..

Regional sessions are held throughout the year and bring together about 50-120 participants (delegates, academic team, members of the media team, organisers). The geographical diversity of the countries whose representatives participate in these sessions makes them a real platform for intercultural communication. However, priority is given to Ukrainians among the delegates. The regional sessions of the EYP usually aim to cover the most diverse parts of Ukraine and open up new opportunities for the entire diversity of Ukrainian youth

School Session  is a two-day event aimed at promoting the organisation and preparing young people to participate in large-scale EYP events such as the National Session. The advantage of mini-sessions is the ability to organise such an event in many regions of the country with a small number of participants (30-50 people).

In addition to typical academic events that model the activities of a European Parliament session, training events are also traditional for the European Youth Parliament. National and international training traditionally provide training and preparation for the activities of all typical teams of academic events and Board members. The traditional Ukrainian training event is the annual Training Camp, which combines both the features of the training event and the style of a classic camp. Usually, the Ukraine Training Camp takes place near the mountains, for example, in Tatariv in 2017 and Bukovel in 2018. In addition to the YMCA training program, participants join the traditional Ukrainian cultural and entertainment program, as well as camp traditions (hiking, etc.). The training camp supported by Bukovel was the longest in duration (8 days) and the largest in terms of organisation. In 2022, the training camp was held in Lviv

Also, the Understanding Europe project operates on an ongoing basis. It includes local presentations and training to understand the history, government and political structures of Europe.

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